The Author

Laurence W. Trotter II

After witnessing a lifetime of miracles, there is no doubt whatsoever, in my mind and soul, that God is for real, alive and proactive today!
As the Reverend Brooks Keith has reiterated, “God doesn’t deal with people in small ways. This is a big story for a big guy. Larry didn’t need a subtle message. Some people do. Larry didn’t get that. He’s a walking miracle and testimony as well.”
Laurence W. Trotter II is a retired businessman who, along with his wife Diane, split their time between Colorado and Wisconsin.
Larry and Diane spend time with their immediate family of children and grandchildren, their families and relatives who live across the country, following the message from God he received on July 3, 2012: “Focus on God and family for the rest of your life.”
Larry and Diane continue mission work around the world and are active in their church.