The Book

The bull thought I was dead. He looked up from the shattered mess he made of my bow and arrows and stared directly into my eyes. His empty gaze pierced through me while he prepared to mount his final charge. I knew my life was over. This was the day I was going to die. Only a miracle could change that. As it turned out, that’s exactly what happened.
This is a true story. Not your typical outdoor exploits set in the wilderness pitting good guys against bad but rather a metamorphosis that would question virtually everything I knew about my life,—who I was, what I needed to change, and how I was supposed to live. It’s a story about redemption and working out my salvation, a story about how I seemingly had it all—a successful string of businesses, a long-term marriage, four loving children, and more friends than I could count. The only part of the equation missing was me,—my true purpose for being on this planet and a deeper relationship with God.


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